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  • we jump$tart your journey

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  • we piece it


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  • we realize


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  • we discover value

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  • we build relationships
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  • the RealtyBoys

    we invest in your future
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The RealtyBoys buy property in Canada & the US.
We help Canadians find property, buy property, and effectively own US property for stronger investment property income and zero cross-border headaches

Our property services include:

US Property Investing (cross border)

Find Property (bird-dog)

Buy and Hold Property (strategy)

Fix and Flip Property (strategy)

Joint Venture Property (strategy)

to Monday Morning

Passive Income is the key to life
providing more income for you & your family

Let the RealtyBoys help put your money to work in Real Estate
so that you can invest less into your job, and more into your life

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Atlanta, Georgia

P Sym Trans

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We're helping Canadians capitalize on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Why Atlanta?

Properties in Canada
Properties in Canada
Properties in USA
Properties in USA


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