Geoffrey Way

Coming from the unpredictable world of film, television & new media production, Geoffrey Way joins the business of Real Estate as an investor seeking strong, stable returns. Since his first introduction to property investing in 2011, Geoffrey has gained the necessary education, resources, and contacts to effectively bird-dog US Real Estate: a skill that has landed him some FANTASTIC investment properties in Atlanta, Georgia. Utilizing his specific contacts and experience (plus his background in corporate operations and online media production) the RealtyBoys stretch into the new world of online communications, research, and international deal-making: enabling investors to quickly identify, qualify, and capitalize on great property deals (north or south of the border). And since Geoffrey has already considered most key markets in North America, every possible US ownership structure, and every CRA-IRS tax issue (for these structures) -- other investors can take comfort knowing they're talking to a full blooded Canadian who KNOWS IT because he's already DONE IT and is still DOING IT for himself!

Yet despite his Real Estate successes, Geoffrey’s real passion is to rescue others from the economic ‘rat race’… by helping steer their money toward investments that truly reward them (the investor) rather than the investment (which is typical of mutual funds, stocks, investment funds, or other professional pitches)

Geoffrey loves a great deal. He values honesty, good humor, and genuine character.

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