Myron Krestinski

Born and raised in Campbell River BC, Myron Krestinski invested five years as an independent contractor before buying his first ‘fixer-upper’ house in 1999.  He renovated it, resold it (for a tidy profit), and never looked back.  Since 1999 he has additionally purchased, renovated, held and/or resold another seven properties while continuing his trade as an independent contractor and multifamily property manager. 

With a keen eye for Real Estate, extensive trades experience, industry contacts, resources, and good old fashioned sense, Myron oversees the construction and property management portion of RealtyBoys business to ensure things get done right, in the best way possible, and at the right price.  Additionally, his access into traditional/non-traditional financing techniques and his experience with alternative leasing options provide a unique resource for RealtyBoys clients.  As a dual US-Canadian citizen, Myron also enjoys the benefit of working both sides of the border: enabling the RealtyBoys to be much more ‘hands-on’ with their properties in the US as well as Canada.

Above all, Myron enjoys helping others realize the incredible wealth and freedom that comes from proper Real Estate investing.  Since it ain’t all ‘roses and profit’ until you learn how to do it right (aka 'hands on', unlike reality TV) Myron enjoys helping others avoid the mistakes that might sabotage better deals, riper cashflow, and richer returns. 

Property investing is very profitable ... IF you know what you’re doing.

Myron Krestinski
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