US Property Investing (cross border)

US Real Estate: helping Canadians Over the Border

The Realtyboys help Canadians buy US property by navigating the subtle complexities of buying property in the US.

Canada and the Unites States are, of course, separate countries governed by different laws, unique perceptions, and particular requirements. Proper cross-border investing therefore NECESSARILY REQUIRES a comprehensive understanding of each jurisdiction on both Federal and local levels AND how each law/requirement interacts with one another (if at all)...since without this you cannot effectively position your investment or yourself.

 You must consider:

  • Investment Structures (Legal/Entity)
  • Tax Requirements/Impact (CA-US)
  • Financing
  • Banking and Credit Vehicles
  • Currency Exchange

Plus you need a team of reliable vendors, including:

  • Real Estate Agent(s)
  • Attorney(s)
  • Title Broker(s)
  • Contractor(s) [various types]
  • Property Manager(s)
  • Inspector(s)
  • Insurance Agent(s)
  • Registration Agent(s)
  • Acceptance Agent(s)
  • Bookkeeper(s) [US-CA]
  • Accountant(s) [US-CA]

And if that wasn't succeed in each market you must comprehend :

  • Buyer and Seller Methodology (psychology, procedure)
  • Sales Processes (aka Foreclosures, Short Sales, Tax Sales, etc)
  • Legal Contracts (by jurisdiction)
  • Area(s) [Market Drivers]
  • Municipal ByLaws
  • Landlord-Tenant Law(s)
  • Utility Requirements
  • Market Factors (micro/macro)

And don't forget, of course, the necessary:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Acumen
  • Experience
  • Relationships
  • Diligence
  • Patience
  • Charisma
  • and Research Skills

So in a nutshell:

Yes you might do it yourself, but realize the OPPORTUNITY COST of doing it that way versus trusting the RealtyBoys do handle it...(especially with prices now rising amidst a US housing recovery)

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