Why Choose Us

Property Services to help simplify Canada / US property investment

To successfully find property, buy, manage, and sell (especially US property) as an investment requires specialized skills and experiences that develop over time. Most people try it on their own and fail: without proper research, planning, knowledge, resources, and personnel. So ask yourself, do you honestly have the time, education, experience, contacts, personality ,and grit to truly succeed in foreign markets?

With the RealtyBoys

Buying real estate with the RealtyBoys saves you time, money, frustration, headache, and loss.

The RealtyBoys are investors, for investors:  we do it for ourselves, and we do it for you.  Our background in business management and finance, our experience in contracting, consulting, and property development, and our network of industry contacts make us a one-stop-shop for successful property investment. With us, you choose to acquire properties wholly & individually or jointly, and sell your property any time you choose.  You can also choose to manage it yourself, or hire us.  Your choice.

We make Real Estate easy. Because with us you’ll know:

  • what to buy
  • where to buy
  • how to buy
  • why you're buying
  • how to fix
  • how to rent (who to qualify)
  • why (and when) to sell
  • when to hold
  • >how to account/track (effectively)
  • who to trust
  • and much much more+++

Think of us as your “right hand man” when it comes to cross-border Real Estate.


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